We were asked to provide easier access and extra parking for the drive and to replace hard to care for flagged patio.

SpecTarmac Base 18mm Resin Bound Paving
Product6mm Mochachino & 10mm Beach

Preparation and Groundwork

Before we can begin any resurfacing we take great care to prep the area correctly and begin any landscaping that may be needed.

  • Took down walls
  • Dug out garden
  • Built new flower bed and edged with block around trees
  • Supplied & laid tarmac base

Edging and Laying Resin

With the groundwork completed we now can edge the area and carefully lay the resin to completed the finished look.

  • Applied aluminium edge onto flags
  • Supplied and laid 6mm resin bound paving 18mm thick over patio
  • Supplied & laid 6mm resin bound paving 18mm thick to drive
  • Supplied & laid 10mm resin bound tree pit mix 40mm thick around the trees.